Take a Virtual Tour of our PCLS Headquarters located in the Carolinas

PCLS is an emerging esoteric laboratory that goes beyond testing to provide innovative solutions to healthcare problems.  PCLS has a unique mix of services that are designed to inform physicians about their patient’s health status relative to several difficult to manage disease states including narcotic misuse and abuse, neonatal abstinence syndrome, titrating psychiatric drugs for debilitating mental disorders, urogenital disorders and cancers.  The company has broadly invested in offering high value diagnostics that enable personalized and precision medicine to better manage these complicated disease states with the goal of improving health outcomes.

Driven by passion to improve safety and quality for patients and physicians, we are dedicated to maintaining healthier communities. Our highly personalized service spans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We believe it is critical for physicians to have the support of a strategic partner that provides more than reliable test results. At PCLS, we complement attentive service with proactive management solutions that help streamline operations and costs. We provide detailed reports that exceed requirements.